Sitting on a former Pacific Electric Red Car line 2 blocks from the birthplace of the electric guitar lies Orange County’s happy hacker home where rainbows and unicorns are frequently shot down by mech-mounted Tesla coils and flamethrower-wielding drones.

All communication lines have been severed and only the frequent rush of the nearby freight trains provide any clue to the nature of the world outside.

Minimum entry fee is 1 six-pack of high gravity beer or 750mL of high-proof alcohol.

Affiliated Sites

These are projects that are affiliated with 23b Hackerspace and run by our members. Please visit them for more information!

ACCX Products

ACCX Products is dedicated to providing assembled hardware, tools and kits to support the emerging field of Open Source Security. We believe that the physical security and access control arena needs more innovation and openness, and that open source is the way to accomplish this.

By publishing our designs, we encourage software developers, hackers and anyone else with a problem to solve to use and contribute to our hardware and software projects.


You might not have heard of SoftEgg before, because we have primarily sold our programming services to other companies on a contract basis. We’ve worked on many big ticket games, such as Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters on Sony PSP, James Bond 007: From Russia with Love for X-Box and Playstation 2, and Silent Hill: 0rigins for Sony PSP.


Adventitious geekery and other distractions. Breaking hearts and warranties since 1983.Run by Matthew Eargle (The Ben Heck Show, element14 Presents), AirborneSurfer Productions is a digital media outlet delivering engineering-forward entertainment and educational content on a variety of platforms in video, podcasting, and print.


Many scientific and mathematical research projects require the use of massively parallel distributive computing, most cannot afford their own systems. They rely on volunteer computing as a major resource for both short and long term projects. The National Upcycled Computing Collective, Inc. (NUCC) intends to re-purpose electronic devices responsibly by utilizing a mixture of salvaged and new computing components in order to contribute as much processing power to these computing projects as possible.

Plasmatorium Labs

Plasmatorium Labs is the storefront and workshop of Fourth State of Matter’s owner and artist, Brian Gaut, known for hand-made lighted sculptures and lamps. While visiting, don’t be surprised to find other pieces-of-awesome randomly posted every once in a while!


New website!

The 23b Shop website is being rebuilt.  Please check the following links if you’re looking for something: Old 23b Shop Blog (Archived projects and events) Hackerspaces Wiki  Sparklecon Info (Our yearly hacker con in January) Cheers, Arclight